The Premiere Competition Team (PCT) developed to bring enjoyment of dance to new and existing audiences through works that extend and enrich the art with presentations of uncompromising originality and quality. We will challenge our dancers with opportunities to grow, with impressive grace, determination and stamina.PCT will teach its members how to respect each other through leadership and to use the dance family bond as a way of establishing a strong and united team. Ethically, the dancers must learn decency of self. They will learn how to respect their fellow dancers and staff.PCT members will learn to use goodness and integrity through the principles that will be gained during the PCT season. In this way, we contribute to the evolution of dance by creating the opportunity in a secure and nurturing environment, for what we hope to be the talents of tomorrow. The PCT will learn to understand that performing is the crescendo.


Competing is used as a method to develop a number of individual qualities: self-confidence, creativity, the ability to interact in-group settings, being able to listen to and apply constructive criticism as well as learning how to work as a team. Competition is a learning tool. One should not compete with the desire to but instead with the goal to leave having learned something new about one self. It is important that one does not become distraught if an opponent receives a more prestigious award than themselves. That does not mean they are any better, it merely reveals there is room for improvement. If one does receive any form of prestigious award, it is important that it be accepted with honor and integrity. Awards are to be recognized as a and not as something to be expected. PCT will constantly strive to elevate our level of performance and standard by which competitive dance teams are evaluated


Premiere Dance Center Competition Team Auditions will be held virtually. 

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