Our contemporary program combines technique and modern dance practices with urban movement and style. Dancers will explore their personal movement and grow their own understanding of artistry. Contemporary classes will utilize improvisation and choreography to give dancers the opportunity to express their emotions and develop their movement.


Our tap programs offers classes from beginning to advanced levels. These programs introduce dancers to a variety of styles, while concentrating on rhythm tap. A wide range of skills will be covered including counter rhythms, rhythmic timing, intricate tap patterns, vocabulary, choreography and improvisation. Our students are recognized for their fast feet as well our unique, contemporary choreography.


Here at Premiere Dance Center, we firmly believe in the importance of ballet studies for any and all dancers. Our ballet program combines Cecchetti, English and Vaganova technique to help establish a strong core and proper flexibility for each dancer. The students will master proper placement, turn out, and technique while learning and understanding ballet history and language. The ballet classes are very structured and strive to help attain healthy work ethics, discipline, and self-esteem. Advanced dancers will also train and study Pointe after meeting specific requirements.

Ballet Meets Pop

Do you LOVE ballet and LOVE today’s hit pop songs? This twist brings a fun new spin on your traditional ballet technique! Open to all levels, this class encourages dancers to find the fun in ballet!

Latin Dance

Latin ballroom dance techniques have become essential techniques for young professional dancers to have in their repertoires with the evolution of tv shows such as Dancing with The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. In this exciting and energetic class you will learn Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive basic actions along with the newest techniques and open choreography.  Partners are not required.


To consistently emphasize the importance of technique, this year we are offering a whole class dedicated to improving your turns. Solidify your pirouette base and try new and exciting turns that you may have never tried before!

Balance Like A Pro

Learn to balance with stability and control in this can't-miss class!  You'll learn exercises to help you improve your turns, leg extensions, and overall strength of movement.

Stretch & Strength

Come improve your strength and stamina in this essential class!  Strength and cardio training will reduce your risk of injury, increase your endurance, and give you the ability to master new skills as a dancer!

Open Combo (9+)

This class is time dedicated to exploring a dancer’s personal movement within choreography. The class will focus on learning a new combination of choreography each week in various styles. Dancers will explore personalizing movement, performing, letting go and beyond - all while practicing their skills in picking up choreography and improving their technique. Built on the belief that a dance studio is a safe, supportive space, this class will allow dancers to open up through their movement in a judgement-free zone. This class will support a dancers’ ability to conquer a convention class or audition like a seasoned professional, as well as give them to confidence to be vulnerable in their art.


Our improv program designed to challenge the intermediate/advanced dancer with a heavy emphasis on musicality, dynamics and performance quality. It is offered in both jazz & tap to help cultivate a more well rounded dancer. We will also explore how to create choreography, teach choreography and maintain a strong work ethic across the board.

Legs, Feet & Flexibility

Our legs, feet & flexibility class is built on our firm belief that technique is crucial to a dancer’s education. With refined focuses, this class will study the structure of a dancers body while repeatedly practicing exercises to solidify one’s technical abilities. The class will be split into two 30 minute focuses - one being legs & feet, the other being flexibility. Legs & feet will provide dancers with knowledge of how to develop lengthened muscles & create clean lines in their movement. Dancers will increase their range of motion in their hips as well as improve their strength and flexibility in their feet. Flexibility will allow dancers to create important stretching habits and encourage dancers to release and stretch to their fullest potential. This will allow a dancer’s body to loosen up and create more expansive movement without feeling restricted. 


Our jazz program concentrates on proper technique, flexibility, entertainment value and FUN! Dancers will study technical progressions in order to master turns, leaps and extensions. Jazz class incorporates center-work, across the floor, jazz history and jazz combinations to equally train a dancers’ technical abilities, understanding of the genre and ability to pick up choreography. Premiere’s jazz program is recognized for their dancers’ stage presence and technical abilities.


Our hip hop program encourages a well-rounded education of hip hop dance and its history. Our instructors provide a high energy class that uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by some of today's hottest video choreographers as well as focusing on the fundamentals of the genre. Hip-hop encompasses movements that have elements of popping, locking, breaking and more. In addition, freestyle movement is practiced and developed to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.


Our tricks/acro program will develop the dancer's flexibility level. It focuses on stretching the hips and back as well as building muscle for tumbling. Our main goal is to increase flexibility so the student can work through contortion and gymnastics stunts in a fun and exciting way.

Rhythm Theory

Music theory for dancers: exploring and understanding rhythm, phrasing, and time signatures. This class will deepen dancers’ understanding of music and improve their skills in every genre of dance.

Advanced Open

This class is geared towards the advanced dancer who is ready for a challenge with a fun twist on your regular class structure. Dancers will train their mind and body to be prepared for anything - an important skill for any dancer. Each week will be a complete surprise, you’ll never know what style we’re doing that day until you start learning the combo!

Broadway Jazz

Finesse, lines, technique, and class all right from New York City. Jazz meets glamour and style in this fun class. Learn technique and combinations that you’d often see in the top studios and theatres across the “Big Apple”!

Social Media For Dancers

Learn the ins and outs of social media for dancers in this unique class!  We will cover online safety, how to market yourself as a professional dancer, how to develop a personal brand, and more!  

Commercial Dance

In this class we will dive into the commercial dance industry. Focusing on dancing on camera, audition prep and personal style. Advanced dancers will prepare for any obstacle in the dance industry while growing an understanding for options in dance as a career.


Premiere Dance Center offers lyrical to our younger levels as an introduction to technical choreography and eventual growth into contemporary movement. Lyrical allows dancers to begin connecting movement to emotions and understand details in choreography. Our young dancers will have fun dancing to their favorite music. They will be encouraged to tell stories through their dancing while exploring honesty and being yourself. Dancers will also be introduced to improvisational skills.

Song & Dance (Ages 10+, younger dancers with permission):

Sing and dance your heart out in the style of Broadway and Hollywood musicals. In this class, you will strengthen and exercise your voice. You'll also improve your dance technique and stage presence. Most importantly...You will have fun with your fellow song and dance performers learning music and choreography to famous showstoppers. All levels are welcome. Beginners will enjoy learning the basics of singing, and learn "do-able" dance steps that fit the songs. More advanced dancers and vocalists will find new challenges and ways to level up.

Jazz Funk

This class is a combination of lines and strength from jazz and the groove of hip hop to create a unique hybrid of styles often found in music videos and tours. Dancers will have fun while working hard to fulfill challenging concepts and movement.