Premiere Dance Center Recital


At the end of every school year, Premiere Dance Center offers a performance called a “Recital”. It is always performed at a location Theatre on-stage. All Premiere Dance Center students are invited to participate and perform. It is a great way for students to show their families what they have learned throughout the year. It is also a spectacular time to gain experience on stage. Each class will perform a dance that has been created and finished in their technical classes. 


Students performing in the recital will be required to buy a costume for each class. The measurements for these costumes will be taken in class during their regular class time. 
The cost of each performance costume will be $75.00 + tax.  Adults or parents of students choosing not to perform in the recital must notify the office by the end of February each year. A delay in recital sign-up may result in a recital costume late fee so we recommend notifying the Front Desk at your earliest convenience. 

To notify of your student’s intent to participate in a class recital, please stop by the front desk or call (425) 867-2300 during normal business hours.